In addition to his passion for music, Gaines had a basketball jones. Like his music, Barry excelled on the basketball court which led him to receiving many accolades while attending Clifford Scott High School in North New Jersey. It was his incredible talent on the court that received the attention of Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. While in school, Gaines would major in Communications, with a concentration in Radio/TV/Film, which lead him to landing an internship at the college radio station, 91.7 WLFR with DJ Sure Rock. It was here where Barry began to cultivate and master his craft of becoming a successful hip hop DJ and radio personality. It was inevitable that he would become a force to be reckoned within the hip hop industry.

Over the next few years Barry’s career in hip hop was on the rise by becoming one of the most sought after DJ’s, promoters and producers in the business. Armed with his competitive mindset he gained as an athlete and artistic pedigree inherited from his family, ultimately led him to producing and collaborating with some of the biggest names in hip hop. Amidst a flourishing career in music, Gaines segued into fashion as a brand ambassador for a very popular start up urban clothing line called, Miskeen.

Moreover, it was at the peak of his career when Barry discovered he had developed bad eating habits and began to neglect his health. Trying to balance the demands of rigorous hip hop industry; late nights in the studio and traveling the country to promote a clothing label, Barry’s health started to take a toll on him. After a visit to his doctor and being diagnosed with high blood pressure, hypertension and what appeared to be early stages of diabetes, he decided to take his fate into his own hands. Barry set out on a journey of healthy living and never looked back. He began to study and read books on diet. He also credits incorporating new recipes that he learned from his aunt who had been a practicing vegan forever 30 years and the rest was history.

It is without question that Barry’s life experiences not only helped shape and mold his future; however they have birthed, Barry The Vegan, (Vegan Food Vlogger), one of the most sought after vegan based, health and lifestyle brands in the business today.